Back pain: why and how to cure it

Most people forget that back pain can be caused by severe emotional and psychological tension. Taking a soothing hot bath or having a massage every once in a while can go a long way towards preventing back injury. You can also learn meditation techniques and deep-breathing exercises to loosen your taut back muscles.

Back pain causes
  • Work–related back problems

    When you are faced with dozens of deadlines and piles of paperwork at the office, maintaining proper posture probably doesn’t count high on your list of priorities. You may not know it, but simple back pain can be symptomatic of more serious health problems. Find out more

  • Exercise to relieve back pain

    Back pain can be annoying for anyone, especially if you have to deal with it even in the middle of a busy workday. For most working adults, back pain is a constant complaint. Our fast-paced and stressful lifestyle can put a lot of strain on our back. Throw in the emotional and physical demands of our professions and you certainly have a viable circumstance for developing chronic back ailments. Find out more

  • Back pain relief and remedies

    You might think that the cricks at the small of your back and your stiff neck will go away in time, but the truth is that these little maladies can become worse if not tended to immediately. Back pain is one of the most common complaints of working adults who are forced to stay in one position for long hours. Find out more